Appledore Action


Community Group by the community for the community

Welcome to our Community Group

Do you have a skill or time to spare and share? For the community, by the community. Let’s get together and help our lovely pensioners and people in need, in Appledore, North Devon.

None of us like to be alone all the time. We all like our quiet times however, for some people, whether it be through bereavement, illness, shyness, mental health or just having nowhere to go loneliness presents a real problem and can cause anguish to those concerned.
OK, we all lead busy lives, but in the past communities have looked after each other. These days we tend not to think so much of others. Family dynamics may have changed, with people not having relatives living nearby and new people moving into the community.
This group, will hopefully become a lively group of caring people who live in Appledore, North Devon and are willing to help others. It is hopeful that we can help alleviate some of the problems described above.

The group will be a drop in session, every other Friday evening between 3 – 5pm. Our first ever meeting will be on Friday 7th February 2020 at The Royal Hotel, Appledore. (Back room).

To offer positive, physical help to those in need of help with, shopping, food, transport, new technology, dog walking etc.
We plan to arrange monthly tea parties for the pensioners of the village.
Generally help with duties, not able to be performed in the short term because of illness. ie: Dog walking, shopping, library books, etc.
To provide a weekly meeting point for those who just want to meet for a chat, maybe play cards, or a board game in a friendly, safe environment.
It is hoped that we can add to the above, if enough people are willing to join us and help the community. This group is open to all permanent residents of Appledore. North Devon,

Should you have a skill you would like to share, or time to spare to help please let us know.

This group is a non profit organisation, being funded by the local small business blog writing and photography of North Devon Does and the generous donations of those businesses.

This group is run by Jan Steele and Dawn Ireland. in conjunction with our sister site: and our website

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