Jans Potato Salad

Serves 4, Serve cold, Allergens: Dairy

500g New Potatoes, scrubbed. Cooked until tender, in salted water

4 Hard boiled eggs, roughly chopped

4 Pickled dill cucumbers, finely sliced

4 Anchovy fillets, chopped

3 Sticks Celery, finely chopped

Yoghurt dressing – Mix together 150 ml Plain Greek Yoghurt, 4 Tbspns Lemon Juice and Black pepper to taste.

Finely chopped Dill to garnish.


Place the cooled cooked potatoes on a serving platter, Scatter over the roughly chopped eggs, dill cucumber slices and chopped celery. Spoon over the Yoghurt dressing, gently combine. Serve sprinkled with the chopped Dill.

A couple of ideas to help you through the week. Remember, you can change the spices or herbs to suit your own taste. Get creative and enjoy.

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potatoes, cheese, bread, homemade, soups
Cheese and Potato Twists

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