A pooches paradise

Yet another day dawns, damp and dull, in the historic village port of Appledore, North Devon. Still, no matter “worst things happen at sea” as my dear old mum used to say.

The pooch eyes me from the cosy comfort of her arm chair “You’ve had the coffee, let’s go” she seems to imply. Reluctantly, pulling on my boots and forgoing a second cup of caffeine fuelled reviver, we set off.

Appledore, Walks, North Devon, Child friendly, Dog friendly,
Walkies. Please.

If you are feeling a tad depressed and a in need of a lift, there is no better place to be than Appledore. Whatever the weather the views, your fellow dog walkers and the general beauty of this historic place will certainly raise your spirits and make you feel glad to be alive.

Crossing the road from our cottage, we head towards Anchor Park. puffing as I go, – it is up hill after all! Just love this park, once up the steps I let the pooch off the lead, turning to drink in the fabulous view, I feel almost alive.

View from Anchor Park, Appledore

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