Tasty titbits that are well good.

When it comes to the pooch, I’m always scratching my head! Noooo. I don’t mean she’s got fleas, its the quandary I get into, about what to feed her for dinner?

These days, the media is full of advice and advertisments about what to feed your furry friend. Years ago they got scraps from the table and the bone from the Sunday roast. However, in this enlightened age, the Sunday roast has long gone, being replaced by a Halloumi fajita or Spinach and Feta Salad. Not quite the thing to tickle the taste buds of our carnivorous companions.

Any self respecting pooch today, is looking for the canine equivalent of Haute Cuisine and dietary nutrition to maintain both tongue tingling taste and their glossy coats, strong teeth and bones.

Dog bones, dog food, dog treats, dog nutrition, animal welfare,
Home baked doggie happiness

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