The Fireworks. Appledore

In Victorian times it was common practice to employ children to sweep chimneys. Thank goodness we no longer use this method as there are some pretty small flues around these days! Whether your flue is large or small, these days our preference is for multi fuel stoves or wood burners. Liners are legally required inside the flue and scaffolding is needed to allow access to the chimney. The liner being dropped down inside the flue allows a person at the bottom – don’t try this at home – to fix it with a register plate. So no need for children at all. Think health & safety.

Leaving the past behind, how times have changed. Seeking to have an old cast iron multi fuel stove installed, several people recommended The Fireworks from Appledore

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Putting the heat into your home.

Imagine my delight and surprise, when the pair arrived to find that one of them, the “Victorian child” had been replaced by a woman! Now, there’s progress for you. Not that she was being sent up the chimney, you understand, Mandy was there to help with all aspects of the installation. Not for her, scrabbling up the flue with a brush, – a hover is employed these days -. Her strong arm tactics were also required when it came to the positioning of the lump of cast iron. All went smoothly, I must say I had a strong sense of admiration for this bouncy lady, making her mark on a so called “mans world”.

If you are looking to have a woodburner installed in your abode, I can highly recommend Graham Watts of The Fireworks and his trusty side kick Mandy. They were quick, efficient, clean, tidy and above all very reasonably priced. They also only had one cup of tea, during the whole process. Amazing.

So. If you have been thinking of having a woodburner, multifuel stove, solid fuel cooker or open fire installed within North Devon, Exmoor and North Cornwall you can do no better than to give these lovely people a call, or find them on Facebook. I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

The Fireworks. Marshwood, Pitt Lane, Appledore. North Devon. Tel:01237 476604. Mob: 07789 405088. Website: The Fireworks

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