Chocs away

When visiting the delightful Mr Kennedy a few weeks ago at his delicious little Chocolate Shop in Appledore, I didn’t think I would be titling this blog “Choc’s away”, but that is exactly what has happened. No longer will you be able to purchase those decadent morsels of heaven from Appledore, as the shop is now closed and up for sale! Noooo, I hear you cry, how can I possibly exist without my chocolate fix? Please. Don’t let me cast a shadow over your already damp and gloomy Sunday. Read on and discover how you can still feed your addiction.

David Kennedy was inspired to start his business after discovering the wondrous food hall at Harrods in 1985. Happening to come across the mouth watering creations on display in the chocolate section, he was hooked and what transpired from his visit was the birth of a small chocolate shop in Edinburgh, which was run by David and an old school friend.

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Now, which one shall I have?

As time went by, joined by his sister Alison, an experienced chocolatier they discovered an old near-derelict school building in Orton, Cumbria. In 1995 after receiving various grants, a refurbishment programme of the building began, resulting in the opening of a factory shop in 1996.

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The Old School, Orton, Penrith, Cumbria.

Kennedys Fine Chocolates and Coffee Shop is no ordinary chocolate shop. The village of Orton is an unpretentious place attracting many visitors and a popular stopping point for those hearty individuals partaking of Alfred Wainright’s “Coast to Coast Walk”. What better place to take a breather and indulge in the sumptuous homemade, chocolates, cakes and icecreams, whilst sipping a cup of delicious hot chocolate made from pure chocolate. I can feel the kilos piling on as I write! Visitors also have the opportunity to view the production area through windows in the conservatory coffee house area. Just imaging watching the making of those small batch chocs. The only problem I can see is deciding on which of the hundred odd assortment, to purchase.

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How may I help?

Kennedys in Appledore opened in September 2009 and has been popular with locals and visitors alike. Alas, like all good things it has come to an end and closed its doors in November this year. However, the good news is you can still enjoy these delicious chocolates by ordering through the online shop Kennedys offer a bespoke mail order service, which includes Overseas posting. Wedding favours and special commissions are also catered for so why not have your chocs personalised with your initials or match the ribbons on the boxes, with the colour scheme of your special occasion. You can even ask them to create a chocolate especially for you. Now, there’s a thought.

To find out more visit: Kennedys Shop and Coffee House. Orton, Penrith, Cumbria. CA10 3RU. Tel: 01539 624781

To purchase online visit : Kennedys Fine Chocolates

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