Pigs in Blankets and Couch Potatoes.

To say I’m amazed is an understatement. Suprised. No.

Reading an article in the I newspaper today, I was dumfounded by the reported concerns about the shortage of EU workers in meat processing plants. Apparently the great British public may have difficulty in sourcing Pigs in Blankets and other such delicacies for their Christmas day blow out! Brexit, they cry, that is to blame for us having to miss tonight’s episode of Love Island, while they scour the internet in search of of chance to pre-order this festive must have. Ah, the Brits do love someone or something to blame.

My amazement stems from the fact that it appears EU seasonal workers are employed to undertake this “fiddly” task of food preparation. When there is so much unemployment in this country, is somebody not enthusiastic or able enough to perform this mundane task? I’m also stunned that anyone wants to buy the product in the first place, along with readymade stuffing balls, gravy, frozen roast potatoes. I could go on.

I’m not surprised that this shocking snippet of information has made an appearance in the National press and on prime time radio. I mean, what could possibly be more concerning in the world today than a shortage of Pigs in Blankets? Devils on horseback, perhaps! Laying back in front of the TV, what else does one have to ponder on? Do the couch potatoes of “This Sceptred Isle” not know or care what is happening on this planet?

Stand up, take a deep breath, in though the nose, out through the mouth …..and breathe. Now, walk towards the kitchen, open the fridge and take out those tasty chipolata’s – cocktail size if you must- and the 200g of prime streaky bacon which you purchased earlier today from your local butcher – Yes they do still exist.- If you really can’t face this tedious task, your butcher has probably risen early in the morning and completed the task for you.

Now, lay the streaky rashers, individually on a clean chopping board, using the back of a knife, gently stretch each rasher, lengthwise. Cut them in half, place a sausage at the end of each rasher and roll up. Simplessss. The joy of making your own is that, as well as having choice of sausage flavour you also know that the basic products you are using are of as high a quality as your Butcher can provide and not some pale, fatty, tasteless dead looking finger, which is full of additives and preservatives. Why not go mad and unleash your imagination. Roll mini chorizo in slices of pancetta. For the veggies among you try fingers of Feta cheese wrapped in vine leaves – Greeks in Sheets!- or any other combination your taste buds are tempted by.

….and relax that’s all there is to it. Surely this is not such an onerous, time taking task that cant be fitted into your day? By the way, while you are at it, you can contemplate the IMPORTANT things going on in the world.

As an after thought, having made your Pigs in Blankets or what ever, you may like to have a go at constructing your own Devils on Horseback. You will need extra bacon, stretched in the same way as above. Soak, large prunes in boiling water, or if you are feeling extravagant, some hot red wine, leave until cool. De-stone the prunes and stuff each one with an anchovy fillet wound around a whole almond. -sorry, more tedium. – Place the stuffed prune on the bacon rasher, roll up and bake for 8 mins in a hot oven.

If it all goes wrong, Don’t blame me.

If you would like some further recipes to help you prepare for Yuletide, visit my sister site Christmas Get Aheads

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Chocolate Bundt Cake by Truffleicious

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