A fishy tale

What better day to write a blog than Seafood Friday? Well, a blog pertaining to sumptuous scallops, perfect prawns and the fishy tales that surround them. Seafood and fish are fast foods, filled with lovely Omega 3 oils, low in calories and a perfect addition to your healthy eating regime. This blog is about the robust people who catch, clean, fillet and finally present them artistically, for your perusal and purchase. Didn’t quite get to publish it last week, but better late than never.

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A fishy tale

I first met Dan the Fish Man reclining against the side of his van, enjoying the sun on The Quay at Appledore. “Can I write a blog about you?” I enquired. Dan fixed me with his twinkling gaze, reminiscent of a cross between Father Christmas and Captain Birdseye. At that moment a group of prospective customers approached. Fired into action, Dan enquired as to their needs. “Carry on serving that lady” the gentleman replied. “We do business together” was Dan’s retort. Well! the customers eyed me with knowing, if I was younger, I would have blushed, but being an old trout I took it on the chin. Dan is renown for his banter as well has his fish, an attraction which keeps his customers returning time after time.

The soft sell

Dan is an ardent man. Ardent in his love of fish, the fishing industry, food, wine and I suspect, many others things which are not suitable for this blog. Original hailing from Hampstead, Dan moved to Clovelly, North Devon in 1979. Having been a lobster and crab pot fisherman, Dan has been involved with the high seas for many years. He has also become something of a local celebrity, making many appearances on ITV and even being involved with Masterchef Professionals. He recalls a huge blunder he made while being filmed for a TV programme when he mentioned his now wife, by name. “Only problem was”, he chortles “I used my first wife’s name”. I wonder what was proffered as a peace offering?

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Quayside banter

Most of Dan’s fish is landed at Appledore fish dock, where he is part of a co-operative. Specialising in local fish and seafood, as a micro buyer he is able to support the local community by purchasing his stock from local fisherman , You will not find fish bought from auctions, fish that has been frozen or foreign exotics on Dans stall only the very best, fresh, local fish. Dan just loves anything to do with the sea and also keeps up his involvement with the RNLI .

Dan Garnett will regale you with tips and tasty recipes, for storing and cooking your fish and seafood. he can be found Farmers Markets in Tavistock, Crediton and Dulverton as well as various other locations, during the summer months. Fish can also be purchased from Appledore Fish Dock, by prior arrangement. Why not pop along to FOODfest 2019 at Barnstaple Pannier Market on Sunday 20th October 10.00 – 3.30pm and see Dan in action.

Meanwhile here’s a quick and easy recipe, from my kitchen, using Dan’s fresh salmon fillets:


Jan’s speedy Salmon Fillets.

  • Place two Salmon Fillets on a microwaveable dish
  • Cover with three tablespoons plain, unsweetened Greek Yoghurt
  • Sprinkle with Fennel seeds, fresh dill, parsley or herb of your liking
  • Allow to stand, covered, for 30 mins.
  • Place, covered, in microwave on 60% power for 5mins.
  • Allow to stand for 10 mins.
  • Serve with Veg or Salad.

To find out more about Dan the Fishman Click the link to visit his web site.

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