Appledore Crabbing Contest

Happy Crabbers

The scenery was perfect, the weather a trifle iffy and the crabbers happy as they gathered on Appledore quay this morning. Local community group Appledore Pirates, hosted their annual Crabbing Contest. The aim of the competition is to create a team of four, each person with a line who then uses their skill and patience try to land a crab onto the Quay.

No nets are allowed. You must carefully draw up your line, hopefully, with a crab attached to your bait.

The crabs are carefully place in a large bucket of water, where they await a mate. The winner of the contest is the team with the largest three crabs in their buckets.

Charlie Crab

Contestants have one hour to complete the task in hand. With an additional prize going to the team with the largest single crab.

The final hooter booms across the quay, as contestants, gather up their crabs and equipment and head for the judging table.

The final hooter.

Buckets are presented and each crab is carefully measured using a electronic caliper.

Have I made the grade?

There was an air of excitement from children and adults alike as the three largest crabs in the bucket were measured and the results recorded my two adjudicators. All crabs were then returned to the water, unharmed.

Has mine won?

It was my first experience of the Appledore Crab Contest and I thoroughly enjoyed acting as a Marshall with my trusty Pirate Pooch Gypsy. All that is left to say is congratulations to the winners: Evans 181.5mm . Mr Crab 171.9mm and Smiffy’s Crew 163.5mm. The prize for the biggest single crab went to : The Crab Whisperers.

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