Gentle Gardener Appledore

Saunter down historic Market Street in Appledore, and you will find Market Street Kitchen. Step into its welcoming interior, home baking and freshly ground coffee aromas will enliven your senses. Place your order and wander out into the secret garden at the rear of the shop. Market Street Kitchen, has not one but two hidden surprises. The beautiful terraced garden, – open all year – with its nooks and crannies and also the Shop in the Garden.

Shop in the Garden

Some say that on entering this quirky little hideaway, that they feel the gentle touch of Angels wings? I can’t say I experienced such a phenomenon, but it certainly is a delightful place. Why not pop in and see if you are touched! and enjoy all the delights this small arts and crafts establishment has to offer.

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A ngela Whittaker, who runs Shop in the Garden, is a larger than life character, who is bursting with idea’s and loves to talk. You can be assured of a boisterous welcome at all times. Angie, has spent most of her life involved with fund raising events and marketing for various charities, even being involved in work overseas. Working for the Woodland Burial Ground as a family adviser, she concentrated her efforts and arranged the London Funeral Exhibition in 2012. Angie has continued with voluntary charitable works, supporting Motor Neuron Disease and Families in Grief. as well as creating and setting up her shop.

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Despite all her other involvements, three years ago Angela discovered Boyle’s the Butchers shop in Meeting Street Appledore had closed down. On approaching the new owner, of what was to become Market Street Kitchen Angie set about redesigning and replanting the beautiful garden at the rear of the premises. The garden, in true cottage style has a wealth of old fashioned flowers, shrubs and fruit trees all set on different levels, with seating available to enable you to enjoy your coffee or lunch within the walls of this tranquil environment. The garden is open all year round, you can even wrap your self in a nice warm blanket, if things get a bit chilly. It was decided that a quirky flower shop would be just the thing to complement the garden. On 30th March this year Agie opened her Shop in the Garden.

Crafts, arts, gifts, flowers, vintage,
The Shop in the Garden

As well as locally grown flowers and plants, the little shop, which is tucked away in the corner of the garden, holds a haven of delights for the gift seeking visitor. Vintage china can been seen, jostling for space between gardening books. A quirky sea bird can be spied nestling next to the preloved jewellery. The ceiling is adorned with glittery butterflies, lights and a quirky chandelier. The Shop in the Garden is just the place to seek out that early Christmas present. Angie is offering a free gift wrapping service – Ribbons and Wrappings – on 16th November. Customers can choose their gift and Angie will expertly wrap it free of charge, there’s an offer not to be missed. It was thoroughly enjoyable to meet Angie and browse her beautiful shop, which I am sure will be a huge success with both visitors and locals alike. Pop in and see if you can “feel the love”.

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