Relax your body, free your mind

And, breathe…… Yoga and pilates along with swimming have always been my thing, along with a nice therapeutic dog walk along the beach. I have never been much of a one for therapies – unless with the psychiatrist -, of course. Reiki and Kinesiology have entered my orbit, through my social media feeds, but I have never taken the trouble to find out, what exactly it was all about. This week I have rectified my ignorance by having a coffee and chat with the lovely Sam Ashbee, an Holistic Therapist from Bideford in North Devon.

Holistic Therapist, treating a client.

Meeting Sam, was a truly rewarding experience. A bouncy, softly spoken young lady with a happy demeanor. Sam Ashbee original hails from Bristol, on leaving school, she started a career in hairdressing but after qualifying found it was not quite what she wanted to do. At the time she had a severe back problem, which needed the services of an osteopath on a weekly basis. Finding these visits an expensive exercise, it was suggested she seek the services of a Holistic Therapist to see if addressing the emotional, spiritual and chemical imbalances within her body may be of benefit to her. Sam’s path was set. Not only was she visiting the osteopath less – gradually dispensing with it all together – her road was leading her in a new direction, career wise. Holistic therapy had revealed itself to her, but that, as they say “is history”.

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Growth in healing

Sam’s entry into alternative medicine as a Holistic Therapist was “driven by my own journey”, she enthused. “What better way to understand the benefits of the practice than to experience it for yourself, first hand”. After gaining the necessary qualifications through training courses, Sam joined the hard working ranks of the Self Employed. Reflexology -(zone therapy), Reiki (energy healing), and Kinesiology (scientific study) are among the therapy’s she practices, many to other small business owners, who need her tender manipulations to help relieve them of the trials and tribulations of a busy working day. Humans aren’t the only life form on which Sam works her magic. Animals may also benefit from Reiki especially those considered to have physical, emotional or mental issues.

Feeling a bit sceptical about all this, what some would call, “airy fairy nonsense”? Well, let me quote another old adage. “Don’t knock it until you have tried it”. Why not contact Sam and find out more. I also hear that online workshops are also available. As Sam is such a delightful person I’m sure “you will be in good hands”.

Contact details: Sam Ashbee. Holistic Therapist, Educator and Facilitator. Mobile: 07503 723060. Email: Website:

Meanwhile I’m off to do a few downward dogs, in the sea, with my dog. Gypsy. ……and relax.

Next weeks blog will be about the scrummy Market Street Kitchen, Appledore, North Devon.

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