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Team GB 2020 Rowing

In today’s society, we hear so much about the inadequate behaviour of our young people! The media are always publishing examples of their bad behaviour, idleness & general laissez faire, Unfortunately, not so much is said about their achievements, ambitions and thoughtfulness. In today’s blog, I intend to rectify the imbalance by sharing the story of one energetic teenager from Appledore, North Devon, UK.

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Chloe Beer is an intelligent, focused seventeen year old, full time dance student who has a passion – well two actually-. rowing and dance. She also has a thoughtful caring nature which she exhibited when I met her yesterday. “My Grandparents were all keen rowers,” she enthused “When my Grandfather died, I decided to take up rowing to honor his memory.” That was two years ago, since then Chloe has embarked on a healthy, fast paced lifestyle, combining her rowing with her dancing. Oh! I forgot she also trains for hours, each week and her hobbies include, running and gymnastics. I must say, I felt like quick doze, while taking notes, all that activity made me feel quite worn out just talking about it. An active participant in her dancing course, Chloe has already appeared in 42nd Street, Me and my girl and Chicago at Barnstable Theatre. She will also be appearing in Aladdin, the musical in February next year. Chloe is also a volunteer with Appledore Pirates Where does she find the time?

PT teacher or dancer on Cruise ships? that is the question. Chloe has not quite decided what her career path will be when she finishes her full time education, but thinks her choice lies between the two above. She has already been for interviews with the large liner companies. Describing a days work routine, as a grueling round of three dance shows a day, seven days a week. Sounds hectic.

rowing, olympics, Russia, Team GB, Appledore

Chloe rows for Appledore Ladies under 18’s and Appledore Ladies B, on a regular basis. I asked her how she became involved with the Atlantic Challenge team. “I just searched on line, downloaded the application form & applied” she modestly stated. After three weeks she received an invitation to an interview in Cornwall and was shortlisted to one of three. Four weeks later a letter arrived, while she was out “Mum called me asking if she could open a letter, which had arrived for me” she replied, “I just could not belive I had been accepted” I could see from her face how happy and – quite rightly so – proud she felt at becoming one of the Team GB rowers, for the 2020 Olympic games in St Petersburg, Russia, next year. Asking about her preparation for the up coming event, she seems to have an onerous task ahead of her. Training consists of two seperate, six night camps at Portland in Dorset. As well as spending six hours a day on the water, the teams will also have too navigate by the sun and stars, learn their sea knots, for transporting cargo, all this while concentrating on their overall fitness, cardio etc. Chloe takes all this in her stride and is visibly ecstatic at the thought of what lies ahead.

Team GB, rowing, atlantic challenge, Appledore, Coffee morning

In the midst of all the hard work and excitement of preparing for the event. Chloe has also found the time to organise two events to help fund her place in the event. The first is a Coffee Morning on Saturday 27th July at The Gig Shed, Seagate Car Park, Appledore.

Olympics, Team GB, Appledore, rower, fundraiser

The second a Fund raising Quiz night on Friday 16th August at Appledore Social Club

Please help support Chloe in this amazing challenge by visiting the events above or by donating to her Just Giving Page

I really enjoyed talking to Chloe, who’s bubbling enthusiasm filled me with joy. The thought of someone so young, being so caring, committed, and energetic gives us all hope for the future of our young people.

It also made me feel very OLD.

One thought on “Inspirational young people

  1. Well done Chloe… we wish you all the best and good luck for whatever and wherever your future takes you… lots of love Kevin and Carole xx Xxx 👍💞


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