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Like most people, I appreciate a beautiful photograph. For me seascapes of my favourite North Devon beaches, especially at sunrise or sunset, hits the spot. Of course, North Devon is very photogenic, not just its beaches, but also its quaint little fishing harbours and pastel coloured cottages

Pastel coloured cottages. Appledore

I love looking at Instagram photographs, not just of Devon, from all over the world. Of course, not all the photos are equal, some people just don’t have “the eye” for seeing well photographed beauty spots from different angles. It doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive camera in the world, any photographic equipment can take the photo, it takes the person with “the eye” to frame the view. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what I perceive as beautiful others may find dull. It takes all sorts.

I digress. Back to Instagram. I came across some very evocative photographs in the Twyman Photo feed. Tony takes dramatic shots of beaches, which as I said before is my thing. Giving Tony a call, I arrange to meet him, to find more about his love of landscape photography.

Westward Ho, Sunset, beaches, North Devon, photos
Sunset Westward Ho

Tony Twyman originally hails from Bristol, where he worked in John Lewis for ten years, before moving to Grand Canaria, Spain. For a few years he played “Mine Host” running a bar, ” I learnt to deal with people from all walks of life in that job” Tony cheerfully told me, with a nudge and a wink, “but photography has always been my real passion”, which can clearly been seen in his images. “My seascape photos are captured from the heart” he enthuses, “wedding & portraiture does not give me the same sense of emotion”.

Moving to Bideford, North Devon a year ago Tony has a day job, but is following his heart and producing some awe inspiring wall canvases from his photographic collection. These eye catching canvases can be used to brighten up a wall space in your home or office and also make treasured gifts. Maybe you spent a holiday in North Devon and would like to be reminded of a particular view that “captured your heart”.

Clovelly, North Devon.

It was lovely to meet the person, behind the Instagram profile last week, I am sure he will have a great success with his new photographic adventure and wish him luck. I feel he may be giving up the “day job” sometime soon.

Tony Twyman’s photo canvases can be purchased on-line to find out more visit:

If you are a small independent business, charity or community group or place of interest in North Devon who would like a blog written about you and shared to our twelve accounts on FB, twitter, Instagram and LinkdIn. Please contact us : Email: Appledore

Next weeks blog will be about the Appledore – Instow Ferry

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