Feeling me again

You know what its like, you find a great Salon with a fantastic stylist who makes you feel a million dollars. Filling you with confidence, with their snipping and intricate weaving of colours, they know how to make you feel you again.

The day comes when you are feeling a bit, shaggy, the old roots needing a bit of a touch up and you make that stylist, colourist, highlights, tint, restyle call, only to be told by the perky receptionist that “Nina does work here anymore”. Panic sets in. your world falls apart, you will never feel the same again! Does this sound familiar? Well, if you live in the North Devon area of the UK, I have found the answer to your problem. Read on:

Feeling exactly in that position when I moved to Devon in February this year, I needed a mega sort out. Bad hair day doesn’t come into it. My previous hairdresser in Wiltshire, seemed to have had a mini melt down when I last visited her. My usual fine, highlights had turned into big stripy blocks of bleach and black. I needed it sorted and it needed to be quick.

Scrolling through a local group on FB one morning, I came across a post requiring recommendations for a stylist who could create a good graduated bob. I was ecstatic, there where seven comments. five of those were about Kudos in particular a lady called Jo.

Finding myself in Bideford the next day, I popped into Kudos and was in luck. My appointment with Jo was booked for the next day. Bobbing out from behind her desk, the receptionist deftly dabbed some lotion behind my ear, telling me to leave it until my appointment tomorrow, “an allergy test before your colour” she smiled. In all my years of going to hairdressers, I had never been given one before?

Kudos Bideford

Kudos, Hair and Beauty situated in Mill Street, Bideford is a light and luxurious salon, with a welcoming, helpful receptionist and team of talented professionals, experienced in dealing with all age groups. Taking a seat and feeling a trifle apprehensive, Jo, my new stylist, ushered her previous client – sporting a sleek shiny bob – to reception and greeted me. Leading me to my seat she quickly got to grips with my situation and requirements, making helpful suggestions and explaining the process along the way. I felt my worries drifting away.

On leaving school, Jo wasn’t sure where her career path would lead. She quickly discovered working in a office wasn’t for her, preferring something hands on and creative. After a period of travelling she found her true vocation – at the grand old age of nineteen, – hairdressing. Jo, in my experience is a natural at her chosen profession, not only making you feel comfortable but also interesting to talk to. She instills confidence, as she quickly works her magic and explains the science behind the process – to those who are interested, of course, – Having worked at Kudos for 4 years, she has a large following of regular clients and I for one, can see why.

I cannot recommend Jo -other stylists are available- highly enough, when the foils came out and the scissors had been expertly plied though my locks, I can honestly say I was “Feeling me again”. I just love the warm lift, she has given my hair and the cut is amazing. Can I blow dry this myself? Don’t think so. No patience!

Kudos Hair and Beauty Salon, 23 Mill Street, Bideford, North Devon. EX39 2JW. Tel: 01237 477725 www.kudosdevon.co.uk

If you would like a blog written about you in our Bideford Small Business (June) Series, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our July blogs will be Appledore based small businesses.

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