Appledore Carnival Queen Disco.

This years beautiful Carnival Queen was crowned along with her attendants, fairies and two scary pirates at Appledore Social Club, last night. The event, hosted by the loveable Appledore Pirates was a jolly party, attended by all age groups. While Mums & Dads shimmied on the dance floor, attempting to keep up with their offspring, grandparents viewed from the side lines, glasses in hand.

Appledore Carnival takes place on 18th August 2019

WARNING: Scary pirates at the end of this video.
No cuddles thanks.
dancing, children, parents, disco, music
Mum. Please sit down
happiness, childhood, dancing, carnival, music

One little hopeful looking a little aprehensive.

dancing, disco, lights, music, social
I will get this right.
disco, dancing, pirates, social, music

Well! Someone has to take it easy and supervise things!

Worth all the hard work.
carnival, queen, disco, dancing, music
Its official Carnival Queen Bluebell.
Social, club, bar, barperson, Mum
Mums the word

No problems for the Pirates, sailing the stormy seas. We’ve got our own Olympic team Chloe, to row for us. Congrats Chloe

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